Let's Build

An invitation to Re -Think The Construction Industry.

What Would a More Diverse Future look like?

How Would The Major Players Change?

Who would be the leading lights when this story is told?

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Embracing Diversity, Unlocking Value, Shaping Places

A Diverse Future for Building Design

Let's Build Panel
Armstrong Yakubu, Sumita Singha, Tolu Fatogbe, Armstrong Willamson-Taylor & Angelene Clarke

Armstrong Yakubu

Armstrong Yakubu
Senior Partner, Fosters and Partners

Sumita Singha

Sumita Singha
Owner, Ecological Architects and Founder, Architects for Change

Tolu Fatogbe

Tolu Fatogbe
Head of Property, Lambeth Council

Angelene Clarke

Angelene Clarke
Founder, Bearded Ladies Design Strategist

Albert Williamson-Taylor

Albert Williamson Taylor
Founder, AKT II

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